Admissions - Pre-Primary

Admissions - Pre-Primary

Schedule for Forms to be distributed in the school premises for the Annual Year - 2020-2021

Form Sale Day Date Submission Day Submission date
Blue Ridge Township
Sibling of our students
In and around Hinjawadi

Time for all the above days : 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Eligibility Criteria according to the resolution passed by the government - GR: A.Y-

Class Age Date of Birth
Nursery 3 Years
Junior K.G. 4 Years
Senior K.G. 5 Years

    Admission measures

  1. Forms would be given to the township flat owners.
  2. Forms will also be given to one sibling of our student, seats on availability.
  3. Forms for the surrounding areas - Hinjawadi and around will be given, seats on availability.
  4. Schedules for form submissions along with required documents must be followed.
  5. Random Computer Selection for admissions will be followed.
  6. No interview for the child.
  7. Interaction with parents and the child.
  8. Fee formalities to be completed as per the guidelines.
  9. Cancellation norms as per the policy given.

    Documents required with the form

  1. Self-Attested photocopy of child's birth certificate
  2. Self-Attested Index II for Blue Ridge Township flat owners
  3. Sibling's school I-Card photocopy for Sibling admission
  4. 4 RECENT Passport sized photos of the child
  5. 1 RECENT Passport sized photo of each parent

Fee Structure of Pre-Primary Section

For New Admissions
Form Fee (Non-Refundable) Rs. 1000/-
Admission Fee (Non-Refundable) Rs. 10,000/-
Refundable Deposit Rs. 35,000/-
Total Rs. 45,000/-
Term I
Tuition Fees (June 20__ to Nov 20__) Rs. 23,100/-
Term Fees (Term I & II) Rs. 7,700/-
Misc (Term I & II) Rs. 7,600/-
Total Rs. 38,400/-
Term II
Tuition Fees (Dec 20__ to May 20__) Rs. 23,100/-
Total Rs. 23,100/-

    Directives for fee payment

  1. Admission will be confirmed only on payment of the prescribed fees within the stipulated time.
  2. Fees to be paid by Cheque payable to 'Blue Ridge Educational Institute'.
  3. The above mentioned fee includes expenses for field trip / one day picnic, routine art and craft material.
  4. The fee includes mid-day meals served in school everyday.
  5. In addition to the fees, parents will pay for the prescribed books, school uniform, shoes, Winter wear and Annual Day costume (If any).
  6. Separate charges for Transport facility, if availed.
  7. Refund of fees, if any, will be in accordance to our 'Refund Policy' mentioned below.

School Uniforms for Pre-Primary

Girls Uniform
Cloud Grey and white frocks + Black bloomers + White Socks and Black Shoes.
Boys Uniform
Cloud Grey and white shirts + Black Shorts + White Socks and Black Shoes.
Winter Wear
Black cardigan with school logo.
Girls may wear black full slacks during winter.
Boys may wear black full pants in winter.
Body warmer can be worn inside if the prescribed winter wear does not suffice.
The day and date of sale of School Uniform, shoes & Winter wear will be informed after the Admission procedure is complete.
Parents should follow the schedule given and buy them from the school premises on the given date.

    Expected Overall Appearance

  1. Neat and clean clothes.
  2. Clean and fresh socks with polished shoes.
  3. Appropriate inner wear :
    • I) Vests and briefs for boys
    • II) Petticoats / singlets and bloomers for girls
  4. Well trimmed and clean nails
  5. Hair :
    • I) Boys must always maintain short hair.
    • II) Girls with long hair must tie their hair in pony tails or braids using Black rubber bands only.
    • III) Black cloth hair band is a must for all girls.

    Guidelines for School books

    The day and date of sale of School books will be informed after the Admission procedure is complete. Parents should follow the schedule given and buy the set of books from the school premises on the given date.

    Refund Policy

  1. The refund of the Deposit,Tuition fee, Term fee and Miscellaneous fee will depend upon the date of application for Admission Cancellation.
  2. Documents required : Original Deposit Receipt or an affidavit prepared on Rs.100/- stamp paper.
  3. The Admission fee and the charges paid for prescribed text books, note books, study material, school uniform, meal, sports and transportation (paid if any) will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  4. The applicable amount will be refunded within 45 working days from the date of receipt of admission cancellation form.
  5. The refund policy is subject to revision without prior intimation.
  6. This 'Refund Policy' is a part of the rules & regulations of Blue Ridge Educational Institute.
Fee Heads Refund criteria based on the receipt of the admission cancellation form
On or Before 31st May On or Before 15th June On or Before 30th June 1st July Onwards
Percentage of Deposit refunded 100% 100% 100% II Term fee/other dues will be recovered from the deposit
Percentage of School fees (Tuition fee, Term fee and Miscellaneous fee) refunded. 100% 75% 50% 0%


For the regular/current students it is mandatory to pay the applicable fees before the begininng of every academic year. If not paid, the admission stands cancelled and the applicable fees will be recovered from the refundable deposit.

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